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Unique features & benefits: Most mattress and box springs do not have handles designed for carrying. When moving them, getting a grip on these large, bulky items can be frustrating, difficult and very strenuous.

Now you can "get a handle on it" with the Mattress "Tote" an adjustable handle set that adjusts to any size mattress or box spring - Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.

This simple-to-use carrier utilizes two parallel ropes with handles attached to each end and two supports near the center to hold the mattress. Just stretch the Mattress "Tote" on the floor, place the mattress or box spring in the center, and lift the handles. The rope hugs both sides of the mattress or box spring, which helps distribute the weight of the mattress or box spring evenly between both movers, as well as elevating the mattress off the ground. With one hand on the handle, the other hand is free to keep the upper part of the mattress stable. Having one hand free also enables the mattress carriers to open and close doors. This makes carrying the mattress or box spring much easier, reducing the possibility of back injury and muscle strain.

Our carrier can help reduce possible injury that struggling to carry a mattress or box springs can cause. A major motel chains Manager ordered some Mattress Totes at the request of their Safety Supervisor. The Mattress Tote can enable seniors to be a little more independent (Of course you know your own limits) The following note was received from a customer, A friend and I carried a king size mattress from my bedroom down the hall out the front door down the side of the house back through the garage through the kitchen back down the hall and into the bedroom without stopping or setting it down, we were able to open and close the doors as we went.

So if you are moving from home to home, room to room, or even up or down a flight of stairs, the Mattress "Tote" is the carrying tool you need. Made in U.S.A.
Fully Adjustable Mattress Carrying Handles

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